The Organization

This organization was born by the inspiration our own OTTBs have given us, and the many we have come to know over the years. Through-out our research we have found that unfortunately many of the star athletes from the track do not have the opportunity to continue shining in other purposes, whether that be as a trail horse or in the show ring. 

Although various of these organizations exist in other areas of North America, Alberta is lacking an official 'organization' to facilitate this communication. As a result, many thoroughbreds that have finished their jobs at the track get put into retirement homes at young ages as the owners/trainers simply have no time or want to re-train them, or sold at auction marts. Unfortunately, this often leads to these horses not receiving the homes they deserve, and/or having their incredible talents gone to waste. We hope to assist in changing this in Alberta. 

We are not hoping to make great financial gains with this endeavour. Our passion, and our main concern, is the well-being of the horses. We can not wait to assist in re-homing these incredible horses. 

About Us

Tanja was born into the riding community, learning to ride first in an English saddle. She grew up in the 4H program, trying out many of the different disciplines available. She showed at many local shows in Alberta, but has recently been bitten by the 3-day eventing bug. She competes with her talented 6 yo. OTTB, Amero. She also loves riding in the mountains and trail riding with her other horses.

Stephanie received her first horse when she was very young, and has been a horse lover since. She participated in Pony Club for many years, and spent her free time roaming the countryside with her four-legged best friend. Stephanie recently purchased her first OTTB, 9 yo. Kibbles. Stephanie & her willing mare are spending the next little while re-training, and hoping to eventually step into the show ring. She also loves riding in the mountains and logging many miles down the road.


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