Use Home Stretch Thoroughbreds to give great homes to magnificent animals!

Welcome to Home Stretch Thoroughbreds! 

We have started an organization to facilitate communication between the thoroughbred race track trainers and owners and the riding community.

Our passion is horses, and we are personally inspired by various off the track thoroughbreds- not only by their athleticism, grace, and ability, but also by their incredible amount of heart. We have spoken to several trainers, owners, and grooms and our have been met with great enthusiasm for setting up this network. 

Although we have been busy networking and advertising on what we can personally afford, we are always looking for help... please contact us if you think you can help us in any way!

Our passion is the horses, and our reward is finding them a loving new home. 

Please continue to check back for available horses as we receive them. 

We hope to see you again!

To Sign Up a Thoroughbred

If you have an off-the-track-thoroughbred that you would like to have listed on our websites with our organization please do not hesitate to contact us. Even if they have had a break from the track but need help listing them, please contact us!

To Apply for a Thoroughbred

If you are interested in one of the thoroughbreds, please use the link below ("Fill out my form!).
 We can't wait to match you with your next partner!

, Alberta

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